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Orange County debt collection attorneyOrange County debt collection attorney Valerie L. Kramer works tirelessly when a debtor owes her clients money. In fact, Ms. Kramer counsels her new clients to conduct their debt collection efforts as “strictly business”. When you are owed serious money and you are not being paid, you must act swiftly and decisively! Think back to your college ‘Business 101’ classes. Those textbook lessons implored you to be “ALL business” – especially so when you must collect money that is yours!

Collecting your debt is “ALL business.” This is NOT a $5-dollar schoolyard loan to a 12-year old. You must take decisive action. That is our definition of being “all business.” As a result, you will be collecting your money more often in bigger chunks. In effect, being “all business” and taking swift, decisive action, results in grabbing your debtor’s full and focused attention. As a matter of fact, you visit to my website today, researching collection options, is a measurable first step toward getting on top of collecting your money. Taking actions that can be seen, felt, noticed, will cause your debtor to look over his or her shoulder (a significant uptick in your intensity) and will make ALL the difference in collecting your money.

If you want results, act swiftly and boldly; control the collection activity by never surrendering your case to strangers on any kind of contingency basis. You are a stranger to them: just a lottery ticket piled up in the corner with 100’s of other lottery tickets. Your only real value to a collection agency or contingency operation is if your debtor is one of the 5 out of 100 cases that suddenly pays up. Statistically, these 5 of 100 are predicable to pay their debt without any collection efforts or money being spent whatsoever. These are the statistically “magic cases” that pay without extraordinary efforts that keep these companies afloat.

Turning your debt over to a collection agency or contingency stranger is a long shot. These folks gamble of winning a huge percentage cut (that you think will motivate their collection aggressiveness – it will not). If you choose that route, chances are good that you will never collect your money. Shutting your iPad, laptop today and not doing anything concrete is like assigning your debt to strangers. Should you do nothing today, or tomorrow, or for another month, that will probably doom any chances of ever collecting your money. In collection cases, time is your enemy.

I Can Be YOUR Attorney — Hired to Get in Your Debtor’s Face

You are here because you are frustrated. – As an Orange County collection attorney for some 30+ years, I understand your frustration! You are bouncing around the Internet researching the best method to collect the money owed you. Stay here a minute longer. Allow me to make a strong case for you getting serious. Serious debt collection is exactly what I do for my hard-working clients.

Defendant cannot sleepWhen I say I get in your “debtor’s face,” that means your debtor will soon learn that you have hired a serious debt collection attorney. Furthermore, your debtor will feel you –through my actions on your behalf– nipping at his or her heels. They will be getting worried — a feeling they might not have ever experienced thus far. Should they be foolish enough to ignore your 10-day demand letter on my letterhead, I assure you, that cavalier attitude will not last.

As your attorney, my job is to follow through should they ignore that one last reasonable request. They will really know you are the squeaky wheel once a uniformed Sheriff’s Deputy serves them legal papers. If we don’t get the Sheriff to serve the Court papers, a skilled private process server will lay the legal summons in your debtor’s hands at work or home. You can provide strategic input as to where to serve your debtor. Given a choice of possible service locations for example, you can decide to server your debtor at home, at a job, or at his or her business establishment.

Once your debtor is served Court papers – a summons of your civil lawsuit – it will be your debtor who is NOT sleeping soundly. Just as you have laid awake night after night worrying about the money you have not being paid. Being proactive today means you can turn the tables. It might be your debtor –now the “Defendant” in a Court action– doing mental ‘what-ifs’ while staring at the ceiling at 3 AM.

Why is a Hired Gun so Effective?

Hiring an Orange County debt collection attorney is a good decision. A hired-gun lawyer is the absolute BEST way to collect the money you are owed quickly!

If someone owes you money – and you are here today researching various options, you are probably miffed! Certainly, you are frustrated.

Like they say in the movies: “You want Payback!” – Exactly! PAYBACK… PAY ME NOW! You want your money from your customer, client, partner, employer, ex-friend, or general deadbeat who is NOT paying you. If you are like my usual client, you are beside yourself. You’re not sleeping some nights: simply can’t shut off your mind. Likely, you identify with my clients who complain of tossing and turning in bed till 2 or 3 AM running “what-ifs” through their minds. I completely understand. It is aggravating and demeaning to be taken for granted as if the money owed you is no big deal. I have been collecting money for my clients in Orange County for more than thirty (30) years. It is time for you to decide to be ALL BUSINESS. GET down to business. The business right now is collecting the money owed to you. Call me, an experienced Orange County debt collection attorney at (714) 395-5669 for a free phone consultation.

Hired Guns Get FAR BETTER results. – Hands Down!

As your “hired gun” – I get results! – I am Valerie L. Kramer with 30+ years of debt collection experience. When I was a new lawyer, wet behind the ears, I recall occasions when I attempted to be “nice” in my collection tactics. It rarely produced results. Being nice is so ineffective that I was doing my clients a disservice. My job as a debt collection lawyer is to get my client the results they hire me to accomplish. Decades ago I got the message: nice is for puppies and kittens. Getting serious is the only method that works on debtors pro-actively ignoring paying their debt.

After a few years of “being nice” in my debt collection techniques, I got serious for my clients. In the decades since experimenting with “nice,” I have built up quite the debt collection client-base. A base of repeat professional (MD’s Dentists, CPAs, and business owners) who hire me to collect their accounts receivable debts. In the past 10-years I have noted a significant increase in individuals who are independent GIG and 1099 contract workers (web developers, graphic designers, care givers, etc.) needing my debt collection skills.

Totally Professional Debt Collection

My business as an Orange County debt collection attorney is totally professional. – The process is different from a collection agency or even a contingency-fee debt collection attorney. I use the legal REMEDIES the law and the Courts allow. My process is very effective and straight-forward:

  •  1) – I DO NOT send flowery, kumbaya “let’s all get along” letters.
  •  2) – I DO NOT have a room full of phone collectors – that DOESN’T work.
  •  3) – I DO use fast and aggressive legal strategies to collect your money.

You hired me to get the money you are owed – FAST. I do not operate a sluggish, inefficient collection mill operation. Results is what I go after. You want your money yesterday…

I am you Orange County debt collection attorney! As such, I am “all business” in getting measurable results for you. Never do I mess around, move deadlines, or procrastinate with the task you hire me to tackle. As your Orange County debt collection attorney, working on your dime, I cut right to the chase.

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Is there a “Gray Area” — a Lack of Contract or Something?

Possible there is some ‘gray area’ that makes you question the validity of your claim for being paid? Were you a contract worker without a contract? Did you loan money to family, friend or associate using only a verbal contract – not a written one? Verbal contracts are legal. Is there something about the “deal” or transaction that is just not “rock solid” in your mind that prevents you from getting serious?

Rather than fret over gray areas ad nauseum, call me. There’s no need for embarrassment. Life happens. Even to us ‘know-better than to do that’ attorneys – we do verbal deals and other foolishness with family, friends, associates all the time. We’re human. We make messes for ourselves too. Let’s talk. The initial call is free.

Share Your Story with ME in a Free Confidential Phone Call

We can talk, and you can run your unique story and circumstances by me. Stop wondering and worrying. I’ll give you a frank an honest assessment. You either have a valid money claim, an ‘iffy’ money claim, or no claim at all. Let’s decide what you have and discuss the likelihood of collecting your money. It is certainly better to figure this out now in case you are in a good position to collect what is owed you before another month passes! Sharing your story is not embarrassing. It is what it is. The knowledge you gain from our discussion will allow you to write-off this matter as a lesson learned or empower you to boldly go after what is owed you. Call me, Orange County debt collection attorney, Valerie L. Kramer, at (714) 395-5669.

If You Are Owed Money — Let’s Get This Debt Collection Process Started

You performed your part in a contract or a transaction and are not being paid. – Now it is time to hire an Orange County debt collection attorney to get your money. Please read the next few sentences carefully. It is truth I have personally witnessed:

Those creditors who are late to act are often the last to be considered for payment. Creditors who are last to be considered for payment are usually never paid or paid pennies on the dollar. If you are procrastinating or considering a collection agency or a contingency collection company, please reconsider. You should rethink your strategy as to the BEST method of collecting the money you are owed. Business is business. Agencies and contingency arrangements waste months, and result with little –if any– measurable results. Procrastination on your part is even worse. Putting off your serious collection push will only result in an expensive and sad business “tale” that you can share years later when counseling a new business person WHAT NOT TO DO.

Hire a Professional Debt Collection Attorney to Aggressively Pursue your Debtor

My “hire to collect” debt collection approach works. Collection agencies and contingency agents and contingency lawyers just don’t get you your money collected when results are compared. An “in your face” Orange County debt collection attorney will always be MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than ineffective emailing and telephoning. Consider for a minute how a contingency collection attorney really does business. There are so many sheep (creditors) who will foolishly turn their collection cases to a contingency outfit, that these contingency firms and lawyers end up sitting on 1,000’s of cases! It’s all about volume. When you are sitting on 1,000’s of cases there surely isn’t enough money or motivation to invest their own money in collecting a stranger’s debt.

Why do they do it? Sitting on 1,000’s of cases, there is a percentage who will PAY – what is owed without lifting a finger. That is a “Win” for these for contingency operators. They will get a significant cut (often 50%), for doing nothing more than drawing up a contract with you. Hiring a lawyer costs far less than 50% and is statistically more successful. Take control.

Call Me — Valerie L. Kramer — Let’s get started

Orange County Debt Collection Attorney - Valerie L. KramerLet’s talk. I am Valerie Kramer, an Orange County debt collection attorney – for 30+ years. I also make my home here in Orange County as you probably do. I am ‘all-in’ as a local Orange County resident and, like many of my clients, a fellow business owner. I am also called upon by out of state creditors who need to collect from a local debtor located here in Orange County or in the surrounding counties. I am their California legal agent, so they can “reach out and touch” their non-paying California debtor.

DO NOT — Assign Your Debt to a Contingency Agency or Lawyer

Assigning – your debt over to a collection agency is a big waste of your time. – Collection agencies don’t do much more than what you’ve already tried. The only difference is the address on the envelope. Cut out the ineffective middleman and go directly to a debt collection attorney. In theory, when a collection agency fails to collect your money they sometimes hire a lawyer, like me. Sometimes? That’s the rub. Collection agencies have so many cases that they don’t like to spend their money on a stranger’s case (you!). Collection agencies aren’t losing sleep over you not being paid as you are. Collection agencies don’t “feel your pain.” Collection companies don’t want to file a lawsuit and get serious on your account (you are a random stranger – just a case number).

Dirty Little Secrets – Big Cut of Collected Debts – Few Debts Ever Collected

Dirty Little Secret (Well…, not so secret) – Few contingency cases are ever resolved. – Contingency collection agency companies and contingency lawyers have no shortage of contingency cases. These debtor cases are assigned to them for NO COST. Unlike you, they have “no skin in the game.” What they do have is a slim (but potentially profitable shot) at getting half your money if the stars align – as they sometimes statistically do.

Big profits are made when some debtors who “statistically” just happen to pay (they would have paid you too). – Often the debtor comes into money or decides to pay. But now the creditor is the agency you assigned your debt to, and the collection agency “scores!” They get 40% to 60% of your money just by your action of assigning your collection case to them. That said, chances are your case, like the 90% of assigned contingency cases will never be collected, because NO REAL EFFORT is ever invested. Moreover, no document preparation funds, attorney salaries, paralegal money, process server fees, Court filing fees are ever invested in your case. Why risk their own money on a stranger? Yes, filing a lawsuit can add up to several hundred dollars. True too, that is a LOT of money to risk on a stranger! But you’d want them to do that – wouldn’t you? I would, in your shoes. Filing a lawsuit is one of the few actions that gets results and protects your rights to collect now or secure a judgment that can follow your debtor wherever he or she goes for decades! Unfortunately for you, contingency operations don’t often risk their cash on your random case – no matter the flowery, upbeat sales talk when you first called them.

We Do NOT Accept Contingency Cases

What really happens, sadly, happens at your expense. No real money invested in going after your deadbeat. You are a stranger to them. There is no motivation to collect the money owed you. Sure, you have many sleepless nights. You vacillate between depression and outrage – but a contingency collection business never gives your anxiety a thought. Like the odds-makes in Las Vegas, contingency collection services KNOW that a small percentage of their contingency cases will pay their debt without the agency spending any serious money. Contingency operations will send a few letters clearly INFORMING your debtor that payment MUST BE PAID to the contingency outfit – not to you. They want ALL money to come to them – not you! After all it is theirs now – not yours.

Few Contingency Cases Get ANY attention — ANY Funds Invested in Chasing Your Debtor

Moreover, it is disheartening to learn that these contingency mills rarely file any lawsuits. Lawsuits are necessary when your debtor is a true and dedicated deadbeat. Filing a civil suit, while not that expensive, is a drain the contingency operations funds on a stranger’s behalf. You are the stranger – reduced to a file number. While you are motivated to get paid, unfortunately, contingency operations could care less. You want to be paid. They wait in the weeds like a snake, hoping a small percentage of their contingency accounts pay so they can collect their legally-agreed sizeable chunk of your money with little –if any – energy and expense invested.

Instead of an ineffective contingency arrangement, take control of getting your money. – Hire an aggressive Orange County debt collection attorney to chase down your debtor with her proven and effective all-business formula. Valerie Kramer has a successful record of collecting money owed to her clients. Once hired, Valerie becomes your ‘hired gun’. She takes your stress and anxiety from not being paid onto her shoulders. Valerie will aggressively pursue your debtor and his or her assets as if your debtor is Valerie’s own. Like you, Valerie has skin in the game of collecting your money. That’s a formula for success. Valerie’s all-business collection methods can statistically better convert your wrath and anxiety into cash collected!

I am Your Local Orange County Debt Collection Attorney — Valerie Kramer

In conclusion, as your local Orange County Debt Collection Attorney – I regularly represent local and out of area individuals and businesses in collecting their debts from debtors in and around Orange County, CA.

I handle matters involving:

★ Unpaid Invoices
★ Accounts Receivable
★ Commercial Equipment Financing
★ Sister State Judgments
★ Credit Cards

★ Promissory Notes
★ Non-Refunded Escrow/Earnest Funds
★ Post Civil Judgment Collection
★ Insurance Premium Collection
★ Commercial Service Contracts

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Orange County Debt Collection Attorney – collects debts for individuals, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, contractors, and business owners in Orange County, California and for creditors outside of Orange County and outside the State of California. If you have a case you want me to take over in one of the local Southern California Courts in: Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego let’s talk.

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