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Partnership disputes - 2 partners arguingPartnership disputes can screw up business operations. Partnership disputes arise for a variety of issues, including, but not limited to: personality conflicts, financial matters, management issues, employee issues, or the current or future and direction that the business is headed. If this scenario sounds familiar, it makes good sense to make every possible effort to resolve the dispute before the business suffers any more.

Assisting Clients in Partnership Disputes in Orange County

Partnership disputes attorney, Valerie L. Kramer, is often retained by the partner or partners who are determined to solve the problem that is hindering the partnership or joint venture.

If one or more of the partners are also part of a family business, that dynamic adds an extra layer of complexity. Family or not, a good starting point is enlisting a 3rd party – an experienced partnership disputes attorney – to negotiate (or mediate) the disagreement to find some common ground for a new understanding. Valerie L. Kramer is usually able to help her clients negotiate satisfactory resolutions.

If some sort of amicable resolution cannot be reached attorney Kramer might then suggest a formal mediation to where she represents you and the other partner secures a lawyer to represent him or her in a one or two-day mediation. If it cannot be settled in an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) venue, then it is likely going to be settled in a courtroom. Valerie is right at home in either setting.

Avoiding Partnership Disputes in the First Place

Carefully drafted, comprehensive partnership agreements that address important issues that may arise during any business may be the best form of partnership dispute prevention. Better partnership agreements will address the process for handling common, yet predictable disagreements, conflicts, or tie votes on important business decisions. Moreover, well-drafted partnership agreements will address such ‘what-ifs’ as what to do in the event of a partner divorcing, retiring, becoming disabled, or desiring to leave the partnership. That said, even with comprehensive and thorough agreements, partnership disputes arise in ALL partnerships. These partnership conflicts can so compromise day-to-day operations that the profitability of the business or venture suffers.

Real Estate & Joint Venture Disputes

Real Estate & Joint Venture Disputes

Real Estate Partner Disputes and Joint Venture Disputes

Disputes frequently occur between partners in a real estate transaction. In the beginning, all parties were excited and anxious to get a real estate project underway and, —as often happens— the potential ‘what-ifs’ pitfalls were not sufficiently worked out in minute detail and in writing. Then months and years pass, real estate markets spin wildly up or down adding additional and unexpected economic burdens/opportunities to the partners – and it is not surprising that the partnership can end up in a mess.

Disputes involving real estate can be complicated legal matters involving multiple parties and high-dollar damages. A party seeking legal representation in a real estate dispute, be it residential, commercial or a joint venture investment, is well advised to retain an experienced attorney having a thorough knowledge of real estate rules and regulations. Valerie L. Kramer has been dealing with real estate disputes for more than 30 years and can make a difference in the outcome of your real estate dispute.

Expert Negotiators – We Can Help

Valerie L. Kramer works zealously for her client’s best interests. Valerie has been successful in resolving numerous real estate disputes and partnership disputes using simple, but effective, negotiation. It is not inconceivable that what was once a strong friendship might even be restored by having an experienced third party get involved to find common ground. That said, if an amicable resolution to the dispute is not possible, Valerie is and experienced and effective trial lawyer who will aggressively defend your interests and rights in the courts in: Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego.

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Call partnership disputes attorney, Valerie L. Kramer, at (714) 395-5669 for a free phone consultation to make an appointment to confidentially and thoroughly review your partnership, real estate, or joint venture situation. Valerie is dedicated to helping Orange County individuals, professionals, and business owners make educated, informed decisions about their business matters.