Contingency Debt Collection is a Waste of Time

Contingency collection arrangements are a waste of timeContingency collection arrangements are a waste of time. If You’re Owed $25,000 or more, you’ll get better results hiring Orange County collection lawyer Valerie L. Kramer on a fee basis. Your Debtor’s other creditors who are ALL business and using collection lawyers paid to go after your debtor will be paid, and long after a contingency deal expires with no success, there will be nothing left to pay you when you do get serious! Stop doing what doesn’t work and get proactive!

Contingency deals are not good for you — or the lawyer. When you are not being paid, hiring a collection attorney on contingency is about as effective as hiring a collection agency: NOT! Turing your debt collection case over to a contingency lawyer is of no immediate value to most contingency lawyers who will promise you the moon — but months later — deliver you nothing but excuses! For the clear majority of people who hand their collection case to a contingency collection agency or to a contingency collection lawyer – they will reap NOTHING. Very often the only results of contingency debt collection will be more months of silence; no money collected, and because of the elapsed time, a debt which will be much more difficult to ever collect!

The months that you will sacrifice on a useless contingency collection arrangement, will allow your debtor’s other, more aggressive and savvy creditors to get paid during this critical time using aggressive tactics (paid collection attorney services). In the meantime, you and others who choose to be passive and meekly plod along, will eventually come upon a shriveled-up, tapped-out, debtor-carcass with no remaining assets nor cash flow left to pay off late comers.

Better Results Hiring a Collection Lawyer on an Hourly Basis

If You Are Owed Serious Money – Get Some Skin in the Game

out to pasture in Contingency LandIf you are owed $25,000 or more1 hiring a lawyer to write a demand letter, followed up with a lawsuit can be so MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE than putting your debt out to pasture in quiet, peaceful, ineffective Contingency Land.

1 The $25,000 can be as a single debt or several smaller accounts receivable debts, but the figure is one that is the minimum where it makes economic sense for you the client, and me the attorney…

Contingency Cases are Frustrating for BOTH Clients & Attorneys

Collecting debts on a contingency fee basis can be frustrating to BOTH clients and attorneys.

If a debt collection case settles quickly – or a significant amount of money is collected —seemingly easily— then clients may feel frustrated that the attorney has taken advantage of them by siphoning off far more money than the attorney ever deserved.

If a debt collection case goes longer than expected – or recovers nothing, or a small percentage of the whole amount, the attorney may feel frustrated by lost time and out-of-pocket cash money apparently wasted on a stranger.

Contingency Fee arrangements rarely, if ever, work out well – for both the client and the attorney. Contingency lawyers might “sign up” 100 cases, but the dirty little secret is they only work the less than 10 cases that are sure winners. The others? Well they’ll get collection agency-like treatment: a demand letter; an occasional phone call; etc. — the same ineffective lackluster collection efforts that a typical paper-mill collection agency provides in the hope that one of the 90% of long-shot case will decide to pay up and they can make a fast buck with little effort and little cash invested on your behalf.

Creditors are often foolishly led to believe that contingency collection lawyers will willingly spend their hard-earned money on a stranger’s behalf to collect a percentage at some long-distant future time. We have a bridge to sell you… Can you realistically expect a stranger to fund an aggressive legal collection effort for a shot at earing a windfall?

Let’s face it. You are the only one who is really motivated to get the money collected that is owed you. Betting on others to be as motivated as you are, and to be as aggressive as you would be, or to make collecting your debt their TOP priority is a fools’ errand. It is more than stretching reality to assume that a stranger will act as you would act because “maybe…,” just maybe…, if successful, months or years later, they might recover their CASH investment in your uncolleced debt.

“Contingency” for most debt collection cases is you falsely assuming that some agency or some lawyer will happily tap their own purse or wallet to fight your personal battle as it it were their own — by essentially loaning you their own personal CASH money to legally pursue your debtor on pure speculation that they might one day recover enough of your money such that they can recoup their out-of-pocket, cash-money investment, and then collect enough money to actually make a profit (earn their contingency gamble). Would you gamble your savings for a complete stranger on such long odds? Contingency Debt Collection is often a pipe dream. Reality is that 10% of cases work out profitably for the lawyer and you will not see your money. Chances are, that by the time your contract assignment is over with no results, other creditors — those who aggressively went after your debtor right away — will have goteen paid, but there will be nothing left for you.

The Sacrifice & Opportunities Squandered on Contingency Long-Shots

Often, by the time you become totally discouraged, and finally give up – on your ‘contingency lawyer,’ you then start the search for an aggressive —yet affordable— pay-to-pursue collection attorney to ruthlessly and relentlessly pursue your debtor as you should have done months ago… You’ve come to the right place!

Call me, Valerie L. Kramer, at (714) 395-5669 for a free phone consultation. Let’s discuss the debt you need collected, determine if the chances for collecting it are good and worth the efforts. I will not tell you what I think you want to hear. I’ll share my honest assessment and share a frank recommendation.

By the time a Contingency Deal is canceled, months or years have passed – and the chances for collecting your debt lessen. Other more aggressive creditors who knew better then to waste time on contingency arrangements —thinking that “others” would be excited to pursue your debtor (when, of course, they were not)— have often managed to get their debts collected before the inexperienced creditor herd caught up. Now, so much time has passed that the debtor just does not have any cash flow or assets remaining to satisfy what is owed you and the other less-aggressive creditors.

We are brutally honest and ethical attorneys – and we want to share the facts and truth with you. We do not want to mimic the tactics of collection mills where you might have wasted some valuable time. Most collection cases would be better handled by you digging into your checking account and paying for straight-up legal services. Even then, if we believe there is little chance of being successful, we will tell you so. We have no shortage of clients and do not need to trick you into hiring us for a case that might be better written off (in your mind – as a lesson learned). If we can help you, nothing would make us any more pleased to deliver you competent legal services and results that you will then share with your friends and associates who may, one day, need our services.

Hire Orange County Debt Collection Lawyer Kramer – Get Serious!

Call me, Valerie L. Kramer at (714) 395-5669If I’ve made a case as to why I can be a more effective debt collection attorney – for collecting your debt on an affordable “pay as you go basis,” you can read about how I go about collecting your debt as your lawyer. Unlike possible past experiences, I’ll be your lawyer — your focused lawyer. You will be my priority and we will work as a team to get your case started ASAP and quickly resolved. Please CLICK HERE to read more about my legal collection process.

Will You Ever Consider a Contingency Debt Collection Case?

Sometimes we can take a case on to collect a debt OVER $25,000 on a contingency basis – in very unique circumstances where (1) you just cannot afford to hire a lawyer and you need someone to help finance your collection case, and (2) there is a good chance of being successful, and (3) you can help us identify appropriate assets and/or cash flow — we might agree to take the occasional contingency debt collection case.

If you think you have a collection case – that will make sense for me to consider taking on a contingency fee basis, as always, my door is open to talking about it. Call me, Valerie L. Kramer, at (714) 395-5669 for a free phone consultation.

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